NanoTech Gaming to Debut "CasinoKat" Skill-Based Game at G2E 2015

"CasinoKat" is a Casual Skill-Based Gaming machine designed for players who want to have fun!

​​​NanoTech Gaming (OTCPINK: NTGL), announces the upcoming landmark debut of CasinoKat at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center, September 29th through October 1st.

CasinoKat​​ is a fast-paced, fun, furry gambling machine with classic arcade maze-chase gameplay. Inspired by one of the world’s most recognizable video game for more than 30 years, players have the chance to relive the excitement of 80’s arcades with a modern presentation, and an opportunity to have their skill influence their chance to win real money.

"CasinoKat debuts in our 40" Deluxe Cocktail cabinet... featuring an HD display running at 120Hz, a 4-way leaf-switch joystick, and ludicrously massive 15" subwoofer."

Stephen Riesenberger, Creative Director

“Visitors to this year’s G2E will have no doubt about NanoTech Gaming’s commitment to innovation, and game development expertise when it comes to skill-based and hybrid casino games,” said Stephen Riesenberger, Creative Director at NanoTech Gaming. CasinoKat debuts in our 40” Deluxe Cocktail cabinet, an updated tribute to another arcade classic, but featuring an HD display running at 120Hz, a 4-way leaf-switch joystick, and ludicrously massive 15” subwoofer. Along with contemporary Electronic Dance Music (EDM) loops, players will see, hear, and feel the energy pumping out of the game!”

The game cabinet is designed by Las Vegas local Sunkist Graphics Inc. and features their latest ‘sunburst’ and ‘infinity’ LED lighting technology. Combined with the playful, colorful in-game graphics, Sunkist Graphics’ multicolored pulsing and cycling rainbow lights are certain to draw crowds at this year’s G2E.

For more information, visit NanoTech Gaming at booth #4116 at G2E, and the CasinoKatFacebook page at:

About NanoTech Gaming

Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, the global center of the gaming industry, NanoTech Gaming is a revolutionary company that focuses on all aspects of the development of gaming products.  NanoTech Gaming creates the world's most compelling gaming experiences by using patent-pending math models and non-traditional designs.  NanoTech Gaming builds products for both traditional players as well as a new class of gambler that is intelligent and informed offering the ability to realize life changing winnings while continuing to offer casinos exactly the House Edge they need to operate their business.  Based on extensive research of modern social and competitive games, NanoTech Gaming’s machines allow players to choose exactly how they want to balance their skill and intelligence against the risk / reward model of the game.  Players enjoy compelling video experiences that are entertaining independent of the gambling component.  More information about NanoTech Gaming and its products can be found on the web at

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Sunkist Graphics Inc. Contact: John Church
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