NanoTech Gaming Announces Promotion of Aaron Hightower to President

Technical expertise and business skill-set elevate Hightower to this senior position.

​​NanoTech Gaming (OTCPINK: NTGL), creators of the most compelling gaming experiences using the latest technology for land-based casino, consumer and arcade markets, is pleased to announce that VP of Gaming Technology Aaron Hightower has been promoted to President of NanoTech Gaming, effective immediately.

“First of all I would like to compliment Aaron on his diligent performance working on all aspects of NanoTech Gaming,” stated Alan Stone, chairman and CEO of NanoTech Gaming. “His technical experience and high-energy approach to the business development side makes him highly qualified to take on his new position as President of NanoTech Gaming.”

His technical experience and high-energy approach to the business development side makes him highly qualified to take on his new position as President of NanoTech Gaming.

Alan Stone, CEO of NanoTech Gaming

Hightower has been involved with NanoTech Gaming for nearly 2 years as its VP of Gaming Technology. He has multiple decades of experience with all aspects of game creation on a breadth of different platforms and development environments. He also understands the business development side of the company, and how to capitalize on bringing new and unique immersive experiences to players worldwide through the use of the most advanced technology and design. This expands the executive management team and better positions the company for growth.

Stephen Riesenberger, Creative Director of NanoTech Gaming, added, “It is truly a pleasure to work alongside Aaron again. He and I and Adrian Ludley, our Senior Art Director, all worked together for a very well-known coin-operated arcade-game company in Milpitas, California. Here in Vegas, Aaron was instrumental in ‘putting the band back together.’ Now we are in the process of bringing new players to the casino industry through the transformative innovation of skill-based and hybrid gambling games. I’m very excited about the Future of Gaming in Nevada, and worldwide!”

About NanoTech Gaming

Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, the global center of the gaming industry, NanoTech Gaming is a revolutionary company that focuses on all aspects of the development of gaming products.  NanoTech Gaming creates the world's most compelling gaming experiences by using patent-pending math models and non-traditional designs.  NanoTech Gaming builds products for both traditional players as well as a new class of gambler that is intelligent and informed offering the ability to realize life changing winnings while continuing to offer operators exactly the House Edge they need to operate their business.  Based on extensive research of modern social and competitive games, NanoTech Gaming’s machines allow players to choose exactly how they want to balance their skill and intelligence against the risk / reward model of the game.  Players enjoy compelling video experiences that are entertaining independent of the gambling component.  More information about NanoTech Gaming and its products can be found on the web at

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